Sunday, 11 May 2014

smash hit review

Smash hit is a new game on the Ipad. you have to fire metal balls at objects to get through the checkpoints. you start with 25 balls. you have to fire balls at power-ups and if you hit a crystal you get 3 extra balls. later on there are pyramids which give you 5 balls. if you are really good you get further and there are spiked balls which give you 10 balls. the power-ups are : 1. infinity ball. 2. slow down time.  and 3. you get exploding can't use 2 power-ups at once. glass you can smash, but later on there are laser beams and you have to hit the pink bit and even further than that there is metal which you can't smash. there are now 11 checkpoints and a starter level. after that it goes onto endless mode. endless mode is really cool. I have  got onto endless mode but Dan is stuck on checkpoint 5.

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