Friday, 27 December 2013

moshi village review

There is a new app called moshi village. You choose your age, select your monster and start playing! When you start playing it gives you honey. You have to rescue moshlings by swiping the glumps away and poking the glumps eyes when they are close to the screen. When you have killed all the glumps you get a moshling. You have to have enough gloop to get the moshlings. You can buy lots of stuff like small bushes, farms and spas for your moshlings. You and your moshlings can level up. You can level up your moshlings by feeding them, caring for them and washing them. Once your moshling has got to a certain level then you can give it a nickname. Once you  buy a farm you can grow food for your moshlings. Whenever you level up you can buy new stuff. When you want to plant some food in your garden choose which type of food you want to plant. If you tell a friend who has also got moshi village your code that you get given then they can send a friend request to you so you can become friends. You get given quests to do and if you complete them then you get some coins and xp.

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